Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Engagement Pledge

Our aim is to help young people, families and professionals have a say in how Child Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and emotional wellbeing services are organised in the future.

What are Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Services?

These services aim to provide support for children and young people who have emotional wellbeing or mental health needs by offering:

 -     Support and guidance for professionals who work with young people who have low level needs

 -     Directly working with young people, talking with a counsellor about their problems, or receiving group support work to prevent low or moderate needs getting worse

 -     Specialist services for young people who need more intense support.

 These services are made up of professionals with a range of skills and knowledge, for example:

 Mental health nurses; therapists; counsellors; primary mental health workers and psychologists.

 There is a need to look to the future

 -     Young people’s needs are changing

 -     We want young people to be seen more quickly

 -     We want the best outcomes for young people

 To do this, we need to know from you how services should be delivered differently in future.

 What you can expect from us?

 -     Groups will be set up for young people, parents/carers and professionals

 -     Recruiting lead people from the groups to explain ideas for how services will look in the future

 -     A relationship with you that is based on mutual trust and respect

 -     Fair treatment

 -     Clear information to help you take part in the redesign

 -     To use a range of ways to communicate with you, including social media

 How you can expect this to benefit you?

 -     Everyone understands the decisions that are made and why

 -     Young people and families feel empowered to contribute to the future design of CAMHS services

 -     We understand what you need from services

 -     The community have helped shaped services