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Co-production work has started Posted on 13 Feb 2015

Workshops across Coventry and Warwickshire have been held throughout November and December to kick off the co-production work. These were held with each of the four key stakeholder groups:

- Young people

- Parents and carers

- Providers of mental health services

- Professionals who refer into services

Young Minds led on the work with young people and parents and carers, with Young Foundation leading on workshops with providers and referrers. Take a look at the slides from the first co-production session. These sessions have led to the priorities that children's mental health should deliver, which include:

- Raising awareness of mental health issues and building resilience

- Early intervention

- Increased integration of services

- Improved access into services

- Improved transitions within and between services

The next steps will be to bring each of the four stakeholder groups together to develop these priorities into a shared outcomes based model. Following on from this, from February to April, there will be a wider engagement to get the views of as many people as possible on the new model.