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Get involved Posted on 24 Sep 2014

Our plans to redesign CAMHS will be based on the views of people who access, provide, and work closely with CAMHS services. We will be setting up a four of groups of people who care about how CAMHS is delivered to work closely with them over the coming months to develop a new way for CAMHS to operate. The four groups will be:

  • Children and young people who access, or have accessed CAMHS
  • Parents and carers of CAMHS service users
  • Professionals that refer into CAMHS, or work closely with CAMHS
  • CAMHS providers

As the CAMHS Redesign Project develops, we will update this page to keep you updated on progress.

If you are interested in being part of this redesign process, please contact Andrew Sjurseth or Alan Butler, who are managing the project.